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Erica K Amundson


Erica K Amundson serves both local and out-of-state clientele, purchasing land, homes, or condos, representing both buyers and sellers.

Erica K Amundson was born in Northern WI and moved to Hilo, HI in 2010. She has wide-ranging & extensive customer service skills developed in part at local East Hawaii businesses such as: Mehana Brewing Company, The University of Hawaii, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Cafe Concerto, and The Pet Hospital.

In 2015, Erica spearheaded her first development project, an owner-builder single-family residence. In 2016, after graduating from UH - Hilo with her Bachelor’s degrees in Marine Science & Natural Science, she spent a year working in construction where she learned the ins and out of custom design carpentry. About a year later, Erica was adopted into the ohana at Savio Realty Ltd. as a salesperson. Leaning on her mentors at the company for experience and education, she started listing and selling vacant lots and worked her way up to homes and condos.

In Fall 2017, Erica dabbled in entertainment, featuring her Real Estate skills on HGTV's House Hunters production (S159 E9). In 2018, Savio Realty sponsored Erica for the State and National Amateur surf competition where she clenched the Woman's Longboard National Title.

For 3 years, Erica partnered up with Carolyn L Johnson, a senior agent at Savio. She provided Erica with the skills and know-how to step up her career. As a team, Erica and Carolyn closed more than 100 transactions with a total volume of nearly 12M. These sales ranged statewide from Kailua, Oahu to Pahala, Hawaii. In February 2021, Erica sold the home she designed and built.

The pandemic took us all for a detour, and encouraged Erica to reflect on what is important. That year, Erica set out to become a licensed Broker and completed more than 150 hours of real estate education while simultaneously tripling her business.

Erica recognizes an important lesson: buyer or seller, high-end or affordable, the most important factor in business (and life) is working for good people. Identifying and overcoming challenges comes second-nature for Erica. Efficient and quality service, aspirational goal-setting, design, and balance characterize her professional world.

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